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Hey Dad, thank you for being awesome!

    Dog Dad, Daddy, top dog, partner in crime, ball thrower, snuggle buddy… However you want to call them, we are celebrating the man in our dog’s life!

    Our adopters shared some photos of their EverMore dogs with their favorite man. How lucky are we to have them in our lives! Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for being awesome!

    Gillian: Whiskey watching the sunset with Dad.
    Michelle: Lewis & Pixie <3
    Jen: Betsy and her favourite person in the world, her dad. 
    Jayne: Johnny and his daddy who he adores!
    CJ: Harry loves his Dad very much, especially as he knows there’s a picnic in the rucksack on days out. I’d had Harry just over a year before I met Paul…. Now it’s all about Dad and I only get cuddles when he’s out…
    Janice: Ian and Ziggy. Best buddies!
    Clare’s dog adores their dad.
    Karen: Zana with her daddy xxx
    Amanda: Dottie and her dad.