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Below we’ve compiled info on some of the most common issues and FAQs for our adopters.

We also have a team to help with all sorts of teething issues, or more significant difficulties – as well as a list of recommended trainers and behaviourists should you need further support. Please don’t feel embarrassed to ask for help; your adoption is much more likely to be successful if you contact us early on rather than waiting until things have become more difficult.

Important reading

  • Today’s the day! – EverMore’s team explains the need to consider your dog’s point of view and manage your expectations on their arrival.
  • Arrival guide – What you need to know about walking, grooming, feeding your dog and more – including a checklist of things to buy or do ahead of your dog’s arrival.

Additional resources

  • Free webinar, ‘Set yourself up for a successful adoption’, by holistic trainer and canine behaviourist Meesh Masters, whose website also offers additional training courses specific to Romanian and overseas rescues.


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