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Meet beach-loving Lucy

    Happy EverMore Spotlight Series

    All about Lucy

    Rescued by

    Roxana / Ovi

    Favourite spot

    The beach

    Adopted in


    Favourite treat

    Dental sticks


    Lucy Loo, Lulu Boo

    Favourite toy

    Stolen teddies from the kids

    Why did you adopt a Romanian dog via EverMore?

    We sadly lost our Bella the year before and our remaining dog Alfie was in need of some company. We got in touch after following a story about a bag of abandoned puppies on EverMore’s Twitter.

    Seeing this story made me look into the situation in Romanian street dogs and it broke my heart. So many dogs need homes and we had plenty of space in our hearts and home.

    We loved that EverMore took our circumstances into consideration. Having a young family seems to be a blanket no in the UK [if you want to rescue a dog], despite us having rescue dog experience and both my husband and I having had dogs our whole adult lives. With that in mind the welfare of the dog is always top priority and a good match needs to be found.

    I spoke to EverMore’s founder, Marilyn, about our family situation. Cara was 5 at the time and Marco was almost 2. We really needed a dog that was used to kids. She matched us with Lucy who was rescued at weeks old with her brother Bear and they [had been fostered in a home] with little ones aged like ours. She was an ideal match for us.

    We also went on to rescue another dog, Dee, in 2022.

    How has your dog settled into life in the UK?

    When we collected Lucy, she literally jumped on to me and honestly she loved the whole family instantly. We expected to have to wait for her to get used to things but it was almost like she knew she was home.

    She was 5 months’ old when she came to us, so was very much still a playful puppy. She hasn’t destroyed any of the kids’ toys or TV remotes in a good while.

    We call her our gentle giant, she is so patient with the kids and loves them so much. She has such a good nature but also has her zoomie wild moments. We love that she’s full of fun.

    What would be your dog’s idea of a perfect day?

    An ideal day for Lucy would consist of being around her pack the whole day. She’d have breakfast and then head to the beach. She’d run around crazy and then head home for a nap. She’d have some lunch/treats and head on another adventure. Maybe a forest walk or another beach. Then she’d get home and snuggle with her whole family on the couch.

    -Lucy’s adopter, Lindie McPetri

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