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My bestie and me

    We are celebrating our best friend: Dogs. AKA human’s best friend, AKA best buds, AKA BFF… however we call them, one thing is always true; our lives will be less colourful without the laughter, warmth and love comes with these furry companions.

    To celebrate International Dog Day, our adopters are showing off photos of EverMore besties living the best life with their favourite person. Life just can’t get sweeter than this.

    Pam: My world… Nellie ❤️
    Jodi and her bestie!
    Eunice: My bestie Holly giving me a head cuddle
    Carole’s dog loves to cuddle
    Ju: Me , Ted & Lessie, my little family
    Mel: My Girl Mollie xxxx
    Gillian: Whiskey at the pub with mum and dad ❤️
    Jo’s dog loves a cuddle from the little human
    Hayley: Nala (Dixie) seems to have accepted me as family 🥰
    Marion: My husband with our Angel ❤️