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Olive, the sassy squirrel chaser

    Happy EverMore Spotlight Series

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    Rescued by


    Favourite spot

    The park to chase squirrels

    Adopted in


    Favourite treat



    Ollie, Polly & Dolly

    Favourite toy

    Snuffle mat or food-related toy

    Why did you adopt a Romanian rescue via EverMore?

    We have always had dogs, and when our rescue Toby went over rainbow bridge, the house was too quiet. Because we had young children, it was too difficult to rescue in the UK. Instead, I found EverMore on FB, and saw their rescue criteria was more pragmatic in their approach. EverMore had a lovely personal touch, and we fell in love instantly. Who would have known you could fall in love from a few pictures and a video. The rest is history….

    How has your dog settled into life in the UK?

    Olive is quite timid, and can be nervous in new situations. She is a quiet, unassuming dog who likes to be near, but not too near. She has a quirky personality and a sassiness that shows itself with her walk – she knows how to work it, baby! We are still learning every day, and still have a few barriers to work through – the worst being we can’t have anyone in our home as she will guard the front door … but we wouldn’t change her for the world.

    What would be your dog’s idea of a perfect day?

    Olive would love to stay in bed for most of the morning. A bacon sandwich for breakfast, and a little sunbathe in the garden until lunchtime. Meat-related snacks for lunch with a walk with her favourite person (her uncle) to the park to chase squirrels in the afternoon. Home for some cheese – baked stringy Camembert with pita bread. Another walk, this time to the beach to roll in seagull poo or dead fish…. Back home, no bath, and early to bed to snuggle under the duvet until morning.

    -Olive’s adopter, Rhian O’brien