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Pippin has her humans well trained

    Happy EverMore Spotlight Series

    All about Pippin

    Rescued by

    Public shelter

    Favourite spot

    Our local field

    Adopted in


    Favourite treat

    Hot dog



    Favourite toy

    Mum’s slipper

    Why did you adopt a Romanian rescue via EverMore?

    I’d been looking to adopt another dog for a while. Pippin’s (Ffion) photo came up to say she had just arrived at Halfway Home [EverMore’s rehoming partner], and instantly I knew I wanted her and fell in love the moment I first saw her. EverMore – in particular, Rhian and Marilyn – have been absolutely wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for more. Val at Halfway Home was also fantastic, everything I asked was answered and nothing was too much trouble.

    How has your dog settled into life in the UK?

    The day we got Pips, she was a withdrawn, skinny, sad little girl. She instantly clicked with my other three dogs, whom have shown her the ropes and helped to build her confidence to face the world. She’s still cautious of men, especially if wearing hats – clearly this reminds her of her past.

    She is the most gentle little Velcro dog: loyal, kind and just happy to be constantly by my side. I’m a hairdresser and I have a salon in the house. She is in the salon with myself and Dolly, my Cavapoo, all day, every day. I actually think most of my clients come more to see the dogs than me! 

    Pippin is such a special soul; she needs reassuring at times, but quite often my other three dogs give her this without my intervention, the bond is incredible. Pips has had 3 holidays in Cornwall and loves the beach, though not so keen on the car; even now, we have to use anti-sickness tablets for long journeys.

    I wish she knew how much happiness she brings. The trust she has in us is incredible and the fact that all she asks is for love a warm bed (usually ours) and a full tummy. 

    What would be your dog’s idea of a perfect day?

    Here is what I imagine Pippin would say:

    I wake up and have a cuddle with mum and dad before we get up. Then downstairs for breakfast with the rest of the gang. I love a long walk on the fields nearby our house – I get a hot dog if I do brilliant recall. I’m excellent at it now.

    I go back home, have my feet wiped – not sure what that’s all about – then I have  a lie on the sofa to contemplate life. I always have to follow mum everywhere; she tries to move quietly but I sleep with one eye open. Mum even needs me to accompany her to the loo! 

    A nice chewy out of the cupboard mid-afternoon is just what I need. I jump all over mum at 5pm on the dot to tell her she’ll not get any peace until I’ve had my tea – persistence pays off! Then another walk, never turn down another walk!

    In summary, I have my humans very well trained. I think my sisters and brother are amazing, we play, we bark, we love life and most of all we are loved beyond words.

    Thank you EverMore and Halfway Home, you gave me a lovely life and my mum and I are eternally grateful.

    -Pippin’s adopter, Emma O’Neil