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This one is for you, Paul

    Today EverMore pays tribute to the late Paul O’Grady, who was dedicated to raising awareness of resuce dogs.

    From 2012 to 2023 Paul presented ‘Animal Orphans’ and ‘For The Love of Dogs’. Over the 11 years of shooting ‘For The Love of Dogs’, Paul brought the importance of rescuing dogs right into our living rooms and helped to raise awareness to the public. 

    At the time of his passing, it is believed Paul and his husband Andre Portasio had five rescue dogs living in their Kent home.

    Thank you Paul for everything you have done. RIP.

    Dawn: Auntie Mabel or Able Mabel and a variety of other names depending on what she’s up to 😂. RIP Paul / Lily x

    Emma: ‘Pip pop pippin pants’ 😂😂😂 RIP Paul, you were a legend. 💔
    Karen: Zana ❤️ nick named pea ( I don’t know why pea but maybe sweet pea) RIP Paul O’ Grady x

    Debbie: Noah (nu nu nord no nose nudge) & Fudge(fud fud fudgington fudgeroo)

    Christine: Anwen – also called Pet Lamb ( it’s a north eastern thing !) RIP Paul – you were loved ❤️

    Julie: RIP Paul O’Grady ❤️ Introducing Lil ConCon (it’s her professional rapper name 😂)

    Marion: Angie (Angel) . Paul was a Wonderful man. 😞
    Lisa: Micky aka Michael,aka wiggle bum, aka Micky stop it, aka put it away (as he likes to flash as seen in Picture) love my boy. RIP Paul O’Grady xxx

    Karen: Bertie also known as Chesney (the one and only) for Paul ❣️

    Wayne: I never liked dogs and although I would never hurt one, they weren’t for me. One afternoon I watched back to back episodes of Paul O’Grady’s Love of Dogs (to be fair Allan Davies’ The Dog Rescuers). I was moved to tears by people’s cruelty 😢
    That weekend I went to the Dogs Trust and eventually after a good few weeks we homed Keenan, who was in their care for 6.5 years! He saw his time out with us and was my best friend! I still miss him.
    A few months later I saw Nera on Twitter and it was love at first site, it still is 🥰. My lovely girl x
    In December 2021 my circumstances changed and were were involved with Lily coming over on the happy bus. I wanted to see her (she was spoken for). It fell through and we took it as a sign and we left the Halfway Home with my little girl. She can be a complete pain in the ar*e, but she is loving, scared and vulnerable. She sleeps on the bed with me, has upset the neighbours and destroyed some treasured keepsakes. Would I swap her?? Never!!
    I can thank the Dogs Trust, Evermore, Halfway Home and of course Paul O’Grady for showing me what I missed out on for over 50 years!! My loss!!
    Evermore deserve all the support they can get. RIP Paul, I owe you!! 🌈