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We couldn’t imagine life without Amber

    Happy EverMore Spotlight Series

    About Amber

    Rescued by

    Roxana / Ovi

    Favourite spot

    Open countryside walks

    Adopted in


    Favourite treat

    Gravy bones, rabbit ears


    Amber Bamber

    Favourite toy


    Why did you adopt a Romanian dog via EverMore?

    Richard retired early and desperately wanted a dog to maintain an active lifestyle and fit into our loving family. We rescued a dog previously and he was our complete world. He died aged 17yrs and then 5yrs later, we felt it was the right time to start again. We knew a rescue dog brings additional challenges, but Richard wanted a ‘project dog’ to bring on and had read about the difficult situation with stray dogs in Romania.

    How has your dog settled into life in the UK?

    Amber arrived in our lives very shut down and terrified of absolutely everything. Despite her fear, she still managed to give us little kisses. Richard slept downstairs with her for the first few nights on the kitchen sofa (this was her ‘safe’ room.) To our astonishment, she was clean in the house from day 1 and slept through the night and has done ever since! She was super stressed by any noise and couldn’t tolerate the TV. So we took it very slowly and now we laugh as we look at her stretched between us on the sitting room sofa as we watch TV every night! She is so quick to learn and after a few weeks, had learned ‘paw please’, ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘leave it’ and of course, ‘NO!’ She does still startle easily and she’s on a harness&extend line just in case unless she’s out in the garden, but she LOVES her walks. We’ve been very lucky, as there’s no food/resource guarding, she adores dogs, people and especially children (thank you to that sweet little girl on the video who used to pick her up and cuddle her – you really helped her to trust humans.) We couldn’t have hoped for a sweeter dog and we can’t imagine life without her now.

    What would be your dog’s idea of a perfect day?

    This is her daily routine: Breakfast (bouncing before she sits to receive it!) A long country walk (then coffee shop – she’s good as gold sitting with us – even better if a treat is involved!) Groom (she lies down and we have to roll her over to do the other side!) Tuggy rope and ball throw fun. Nap. Afternoon short walk round the village. Tea! TV cuddles, then bed.

    Richard and Jen Rands, Amber’s adopters