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Why we adopted Archie

    Happy EverMore Spotlight Series

    About Archie

    Rescued by

    Roxana / Ovi

    Favourite spot

    The field

    Adopted in


    Favourite treat

    Meat or cheese


    Ocha, boo boos

    Favourite toy

    Yak yak

    Why did you adopt a Romanian dog via EverMore?

    We really wanted to give a dog a second chance of happiness; too many poor pups need rehoming. In England there is a lot of support and charities helping animals, after all we are a nation of pet lovers! We felt that Romanian doggies needed an extra helping hand.

    How has your dog settled into life in the UK?

    When Archie arrived he was very anxious and frightened. But as with any pet, he just needed time to adjust to his new surroundings, smells and sounds. Archie is a very clever boy and has adapted to our lifestyle very well. I found routine, lots of love, cuddles and positive reinforcements has helped him understand this is his forever home and we are his forever people. We couldn’t see ourselves with out him! I must also say how amazing he was on the lead! He also knew basic commands and is a quick learner! He interacts with other dogs beautifully and loves a pat from a stranger.

    What would be your dog’s idea of a perfect day?

    Firstly, Archie would jump in the bed for pack snuggles, then get up and have his scrambled eggs or dental stick. We would then all go for a long walkies in the woods, at the beach or along the river bank. When home, he would have a nice coat brush and wake up to a whole slow cooked chicken! Another quick walkies around the village, then home for a pack snuggle and sleep.

    -Victoria Langford, Archie’s adopter