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Home » Wiggling wishing tails: Celebrating National Wishing Day!

Wiggling wishing tails: Celebrating National Wishing Day!

    By Pin-Ju Chiang

    “It is National Wishing Day, how wonderful,” I thought as I looked back at my EverMore dog, Nemo, who was walking around and hinting for me to stop scrolling on my phone.

    “What would you wish for if there is no limit?” I asked.

    Within seconds, he trotted towards the kitchen and positioned himself by the door leading to our garden. I think I got my answer: he wants to go out in the garden and sunbathe.

    In honour of National Wishing Day, we asked our adopters what their pups would wish for, now that their first wish – having a loving family – has been granted. Scroll down to see what these pups desire:

    “I wish they would make these pots of Doggy Ice Cream bigger…” 🍧
    “I wish Mum would let me get on the bed…”
    “I wish mum would brush my teeth more often (and give me more of that tasty toothpaste)”
    “I wish I could have what you’re having for breakfast…”
    “I wish there was more food in this!”
    “I wish mummy and daddy would let me in this room more often… I love this carpet!”
    “Wish we could climb trees like the squirrel 🐿️ we were chasing!” 
    “Please let me wake up to two roast chickens every morning for the rest of my life.” 🍗
    “I have no wishes because I have everything I need here. Love, warmth … yes, I have everything.”