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Hot weather tips for dog owners

    Written by Anna Shaw, EverMore volunteer, for Paws Naturally

    With the weekend set to be a scorcher, we thought we would share some tips and tricks on how to keep your four-legged friends cool.

    :feet:  Walkies and the garden

    During late spring and summer, as a general rule of thumb, we would suggest walking your four-legged friend early in the morning or later in the evening.

    On extremely hot days perhaps even consider not walking your dog at all and instead play games for mental stimulation; remember one skipped walk won’t harm your dog but one walk in extreme heat can! [Editor’s note: See our previous EverMore blog post on keeping your dog cool in the summer for additional links / ideas on indoor enrichment games].

    Also don’t forget about the ground that your dog walks on even in the garden; if it’s too hot for your hands, then it’s too hot for your dogs paws!

    Some dogs like to sunbathe but they also need access to shade and of course water at all times, so if you’re in the garden with your pup find a nice shaded spot perhaps under a tree, beside a bush or wall for them to rest and yes it’s true, your dog can get sunburned, too!

    Some great ways for a dog to cool down is on a cooling mat, a doggie paddling pool, under a hose or on a wet towel in the shade – but just be mindful that not all dogs enjoy the water.

    :feet:  Water & frozen treats

    Always keep their water bowls filled with fresh water and when on walks be sure to bring a bottle with you regardless of time of day!

    You can also keep your pup cool with some yummy icy treats, here are some ideas:

    • Frozen Bone Broth Paws
    • Frozen sprats
    • Doggie Ice Treats
    • Natural yoghurt & berry mix filled in a Kong or on a Licki Mat served frozen

    :x: Don’t be that person!!!

    This should go without saying, but it must sadly be said anyhow: PLEASE NEVER EVER leave your dog in a car, even with the window slightly open for ANY time at all!



    Heatstroke can be fatal so knowing the signs to look out for can literally mean the difference between life and death!

    It’s also important to remember that there are certain breeds (Brachycephalic ones in particular) and darker coloured dogs that are more vulnerable in the heat so it’s always best to be extra cautious with them.

    Some of the signs of heatstroke in a dog are

    • Heavy Panting
    • Increased thirst
    • Weakness
    • Excessive drooling
    • Balance loss
    • Agitation
    • Elevated heart rate
    • Sickness or diarrhoea
    • Collapse

    If you are concerned at any time please move your dog to a shaded area, wet their fur with cool water (not freezing) and contact your vet immediately!


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