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Pippin has her humans well trained

    Pippin still needs reassuring at times, but quite often her family’s other three dogs give her this without their intervention, they tell us.

    A day out with your dog in… Swansea

      With more than 50 beaches to visit (with varying levels of accessibility), you have a variety to choose from. Coupled with the fact it’s an AOB, there are so many woodland areas to visit, too

      The pack that kept growing

        We recently spoke with Claire Clark to learn how she ended up with seven dogs, many of whom were rescued through EverMore.

        Bella, the most loving dog

          Bella went from being incredibly frightened to the most loving and playful of dogs with training and support from her forever family.

          No longer a nervous Nellie

            It’s been a slow journey, but Nellie has built confidence and brought her new owners great joy and support.